Behind the Scenes of our Summer of Love Photo Shoot

........... story and photos by Roselyn Poon

Three of our fabulous models, aka Bunker’s Babes joined me poolside for our Summer of Love photo shoot. Natalie, Jeanette and Irina arrived on time and ready to do the time warp back to the 60‘s. Of course the theme was my idea given I consider myself a lover of all things colorful and happy.

The sun was shining and the air was filled with tracks from the likes of the Mama’s and the Pappa’s, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

The photo shoot was more like a 60’s pool party rather than a grueling shoot in the midday sun. This was the first time the models worked together on a shoot and it turned out brilliantly. Afterwards they all said it was so easy working together.

Immediately below are a few photos of the models and me having some fun in the sun.


Jeanette is the consumate professional and current Mrs Globe Classic title holder. She is always on time and ready to start work as soon as she arrives. I love working with her. I don't mess around. Once I am happy with the lighting I go into hyper drive and Jeanette stays with me. We often photograph 20 different outfits in 30 - 40 minutes. She is super photogenic and takes instruction easily so photographing her is like a sprint along the beach.


Looking at these great photos of Irina you would never know that she is a Super Mom. I don't know how she does it. She has a fabulous family life with her three children and hubby. She works, takes the kids everywhere, travels constantly, and some how she has time to model for us. She is always happy and radiates positive energy where ever she goes. Photographing Irina is so easy and enjoyable, it should be illegal. 

Fun in the Las Vegas Sun

This has to be the most enjoyable photoshoot ever. The girls had never worked with each other before but they hit it off immediately. I was a bit worried about the group shots. Getting one model to look fabulous is easy but getting three of them to synchronize their look is a bit tricky. The first group shot took a while to set-up because the sun had moved, and we had to enlist everyone including the girls to move the outdoor furniture out of the glare of the direct sun. By the time we were ready to go I was hot and a bit frazzled, thinking that maybe group shots was not a good idea. However, all my fears melted as soon as I saw their group magic through the lens. Stunning! You would think they were life long friends having fun at a pool party. They were so relaxed and easy with each other. I could have photographed them for hours. 


 Natalie is co-owner with her husband Jeff of a very successful  Las Vegas construction company. She spends her time running around building sites in work boots and baggy pants and sweatshirts. Natalie makes for a great tom boy but she really excells when she steps into her super rmodel role. She loves music and always puts on a great show on the catwalk.  Her sense of fun and enthusiasm for life flows over the audience, which is great for us because we are the happy brand. Natalie like myself is a closet hippie, so modelling our new Summer of Love collection was a natural fit for her as it was for me photographing it. 

We even managed to get Bunker Bradley to chill with the girls by the pool.  His mates from around the world all agree that he has the best job going.

The time flew by and before we knew it the sun was starting to kiss the horizon and it was time for us to pack up and leave this magical resort, maybe to return another day.

We are the HAPPY BRAND .........  join us and step into the sunshine.