Peggy Shanner

Bunker Bradley Couture has changed my life! You have brought color and joy into my life again. I love the figure flattering styles. I love shopping for accessories to go with my new BBC dresses and my boyfriend likes it too. Bunker Bradley Couture is so easy to wear and accessorize that you will leave your old clothes in the closet. I hardly ever wear my old dresses now! When you purchase a BBC garment, the amount of times you wear it makes them a great value. The quality and price are well worth it.

By - Peggy Shanner
Natalie Manning

These Palazzo pants are the most comfortable pants ever !! Love the colors and the way they keep their shape and don't wrinkle even after hours of traveling.

By - Natalie Manning

David North

A well designed car makes the owner feel better about themselves, Bunker you have done that with cars and now with exciting fashion.

By - David North

I was hesitant at first to wear a form fitting dress but I am so glad that I did. I haven't received this many compliments in years. Thanks Bunker

By - Linda

Carolyn Boyle

Bunker is my hero. His designs totally hide my under arm excess.

By - Carolyn Boyle

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