Bunker Hill Bradley

The Designer

Bunker is the cofounder, designer and manufacturing director of Bunker Bradley Couture.

He was born in Compton, California and grew up in Auburn, Washington. He spent most of his life traveling the world designing cars for some of the leading car manufacturers. He has been on the design teams that created the Corvette, Fiero, Thunderbird, Riviera, Skyline, Accord and many more.

Bunker now resides in Las Vegas where the Bunker Bradley Couture garments are made.

Bunker's ambitions are to make every woman look beautiful and to give women designs that genuinely enhance their beauty. Every Miracle Dress, Palazzo Pants, Wrap, Halter Top and Swing Coat is designed with their own unique fabrics and custom sizing that makes every woman look and feel confident. They have to be worn to be believed!