Peggy's Curves

Peggy is not a professional model. She is a genuine BBC size 16 customer who will happily tell you that our designs and colors have changed her life. The clothes she is modeling are from her own BBC collection.

”Bunker Bradley Couture has changed my life! You have brought color and joy into my life again.” .... Peggy

Peggy told us that when she first walked into our studio she loved the colors and styles but could not see herself wearing them. She believed that because she was a ‘big girl’ she should wear dark colors and loose-fitting styles that covered her body.

She immediately declared, ”I only wear black-this is not for me!”   

Peggy was convinced that she would be walking out empty handed, and even though she ended up buying a couple of pieces we also thought that we would never see her again.

We were surprised when soon after her first visit she was back with a whole new look on life and a bounce in her step. She loved the way our clothes elevated her self-esteem and enforced her self-confidence. Instead of worrying about what others would say she found that everyone loved her new flair and wanted more. Peggy’s clients have told her that they wait for her to walk through the door because she fills their office with sunshine and happiness.

Peggy has stopped hiding her body and feeling less of herself than she should. She has stepped out of the shadows and into the sunshine with a revitalized zest for life on her terms.

“I love the figure flattering styles. I love shopping for accessories to go with my new BBC dresses and my boyfriend likes it too. Bunker Bradley Couture is so easy to wear and accessorize that you will leave your old clothes in the closet. I hardly ever wear my old dresses now! When you purchase a BBC garment, the amount of times you wear it makes them a great value. The quality and price are well worth it.” .... Peggy

We design for real women. The sleeveless dresses have wide straps that easily cover your bra straps, and generous fabric around the armpit and bust to help keep everything in place. We have re-mastered women’s sizes 10 – 18 to correspond with our fabrics. Our Medium (M) fits 10 – 12, and Large Medium (LM) fits 14 – 18.

The bust line of every dress is designed to be figure hugging to flatter your upper body and show off the narrowest part of your body just under your bust line. Our halter neck line starts from under your armpit giving you full coverage and support, and the matching wraps elevate your dress or pants to a chic ensemble. The wraps also give you an extra layer of comfort if you are concerned about your arms .

BBC dresses and pants are made from a comfortable Elastane which does not sag or bag during or after wearing. Your garments will retain their original shape even after many wears and washes. Our Palazzo pants are ideal for curvy women. The 5.5” waist band is extra wide so it can be worn up and help control the area around your waist and reduce any muffin top that may normally occur when wearing pants. The waist band for mediums easily fits a 35” waist and our large medium accommodates 36” – 37”. The Elastane will also comfortably stretch a few inches if necessary.

Our fabric is fantastic for curvy women because it has a mild spanx effect while retaining a soft smooth feel against your body. Lose or gain 10 lbs. and your dress will still fit and look great. A customer recently said,"I have put on 6lbs after having my baby but I can still fit beautifully into my BBC Miracle dress".

You don’t have to be a fashion model to look great in BBC garments. The dresses and pants do the work for you and they are colorfast and machine washable on gentle cycle.

Our larger sizes are designed to be form fitting on top and a gentle relaxed fit from the waist down. Our styles and prints are timeless which means you are investing in a 'life time' garment when you purchase a BBC design. Feel happy and confident wearing our garments and the compliments will abound. Have fun accessorizing for business, casual and formal.

"BBC garments are so easy to wear and accessorize you will forget about the other clothes in your closet." …Peggy

The graphic textile designs are strategically placed to enhance your figure and camouflage the tummy area. Camouflaging back fat is also built into each textile design. Designer, Bunker Bradley has created over 800 designs covering haute hippie paisleys, edgy rock and roll, animal print, tropical resort, modern graphics, romantic florals and stylish blacks and greys. There is bound to be something that works for you. We are an all-American fashion house and every garment is designed, printed and manufactured in America. 

 Our textile designs are unique and magical when it comes to figure enhancing and camouflage. We create and own all of our wonderful fabric prints here in the USA. Order online or schedule an appointment for a personalized styling session in our design studio the next time you are in Las Vegas.

 We are a couture fashion house and welcome your special requests. 

We are the happy brand. Join Peggy, stop hiding and step into the sunshine.