We had been creating digitally printed fabrics, designer sheets, scarves, pillow and throws for 10 years when Roselyn remarked one evening that she couldn't find a dress in her closet that looked good on her. I knew she was concerned about parts of her body, so I volunteered to help by selecting a dress that I believed would hide her concerns. I then explained that I could easily design graphics that would enhance her body image.

Roselyn remarked "but you are a car designer not a fashion designer...do I look like a Corvette?" I told her "fashion design and car design are both about illusion, proportion and creating light and shadow where you want it." Our strategically placed graphics can draw the eye to your most flattering area.

We then set out to re-invent the little black dress, but with color, correct sizing and fabrics that would enhance the female body and make every woman feel good aboutthemselves. Being corporate minded people. we started with a list of 10 problems that women have when wearing dresses and set out to solve each one.

Bunker Bradley Couture was born!

Each garment is designed to meet or exceed our 10-point benefit list.

Coming from a corporate background, we decided to invent a simple dress that would out perform the styled fashion dresses of today. Our fabrics are unique to the fashion industry and have a mild spanx effect for figure slimming. We found a dynamic print process which is fade proof, bright and resistant to harsh chemicals. The patterns and sizing have been re-mastered for today's women. Our garments are made from textiles which are extremely comfortable to wear. Each BBC dress is made of high quality Elastane, so you can lose or gain a few pounds and still wear your dress. Garments are lightweight and always wrinkle free, making them ideal for traveling.

Bunker's skill is in creating incredible body shaping illusions in his textile graphics. Proof is in the smiles of our clients.

We set out to help women solve their everyday body issues and put a smile on their faces.

We are the "Happy Brand with Style"!

The 10 benefits of Bunker Bradley Couture for today's women

  1. Comfort - no waistbands or zippers; the fabrics are firm yet stretchy; slim fitting and perfect for layer dressing 
  2. Wash and wear - no dry cleaning, machine washable, dryer friendly, color fast 
  3. Keep shape - does not bag after wearing, bounces back 
  4. Able to stretch up to 3 sizes - if you put on a bit of weight you can still wear the dresses and jackets 
  5. Very easy to pack and super light for traveling - a dress will take up the same amount of space as a couple of pairs of socks or less 
  6. Versatile - some of our designs can be worn either front to back or back to front - high neckline for business then turn it around and wear a scoop neckline forevening 
  7. Easily dressed up or down - add jacket for business, add long earrings for evening or add flip flops for the beach 
  8. Maximize your assets - the textile designs are created to minimize parts of your body you want down played, and maximize your best features 
  9. Your choice of - sleeve length and neckline 
  10. Keep ahead of the fashion trend - new designs every 3 months.