Personally I find every aspect of packing and managing my luggage the most stressful aspect of travelling, albeit planes, trains, cruises or autombiles. 

The ultimate stress test is waiting at the baggage carousel hoping and praying that my luggage will slide out of that shute before midnight.  How many times have you waited for your luggage to magically materialize, and the longer you wait the more your mind is working out how you are going to turn up for that all important meeting tomorrow in today's baggy saggy clothes.

Bunker Bradley Couture was started because we wanted to help today's woman get on with her life in style and comfort. I created a list of problems we needed to solve for her and on the top of that list is travelling.

I recently had to go to London on a 7 day business trip. I was presenting to the same audience 5 days in a row so I needed 5 complete outfits that screemed smart, stylish, professional and from my point of view, comfortable. I packed enough clothes for 10 days, gym gear, laptop, 3 bags of makeup, 3 pairs of high heels and my notes in an 18" carry on bag.  I zoomed through customs and immigration stress free until I had to wait for 1.5 hours for my colleagues to get their bags and go through customs.

The tricks to this type of stress free packing are:

  • plan by color co-ordinating your clothes so mixing and matching is easy - BBC colors are constant, e.g. our orange is the same tone in all of our clothes so you only need to pack one set of accessories
  • select clothes that pack down to very small squishy pieces and are totally wrinkle resistent - BBC clothes are best packed in little zip lock freezer bags after which they can be  treated just like socks and used to pad any spaces in your bag
  • select neutral colored shoes that work day or evening

This is how I packed my 9 complete corporate outfits into 1 18" carry on bag.  In fact I went to Spain on a 14 day vacation and was able to share a suit case with my other half - unbelievable but true. BTW while we were there he was running around trying to find the washing machine and clothes dryer while I didn't need to. My clothes were drip dry and non-iron :) 

Color Co-ordinated Clothes Stress Free Travelling