Meet Roselyn our CEO and principal photographer.

Roselyn is involved in every aspect of our design and marketing process.  She works with our design team in providing them with direction as to what styling, body image and comfort problems they need to solve for today's woman. She then reviews the designs and when the garments are available she works with the models and quite often she will photograph them herself.  

Working on a photo shoot with Roselyn is like racing against the clock.  She will photograph 30 outfits in 2 hours and the models know this so they are constantly running but everyone loves the pace and enthusiasm. The great thing is that it is so easy for the models to slip in and out of our clothes and they can do this without messing up their hair or make-up.

Roselyn prefers to use regular women and not professional models. She believes that this allows her to show our customers what they can expect in their real world. Often there is a big gap between how a garment looks on a professional size 0 model and a real woman of today and she wants to close this gap by using real business women and gals in all aspects of the work force and home.

photographing Stacey Disney in Bunker Bradley Couture  Roselyn Poon fashion photographer for Bunker Bradley Couture 

Bunker Bradley fashion for today's shoot in Las Vegas.  Roselyn Poon in action at Bunker Bradley Couture fashion shoot