Behind the Scenes of our French Riviera Photo Shoot

........... story and photos by Roselyn Poon

Cindy Parker, our stunning Texas model and I experienced a magical trip of a lifetime when we spent 10 days on a Bunker Bradley Photo Shoot on the Côte d’Azur.

Our first stop was Nice, the capital of the French Riviera, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

It is ideally located between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains, just a few kilometers from the Italian border. We started our adventure by taking a couple of days off and shopped until we dropped. It was like being trapped inside an enormous jewelry box. Nice is a city of beauty, scents and flavors.

Strolling along the promenade, dining on the sandy beaches of the azure blue Mediterranean and the noise and excitement of the open-air markets, boasting fresh flowers, vegetables, fruit and fish are lifetime memories.

Immediately below are just a few of the 300 photographs I took of Nice.

The beautiful cafe society where people while away the day sipping French coffee.

The stunning all white foyer of our Nice hotel. Our room was also all white with windows overlooking the city.

The open-air flower market was breath taking and I took enough photographs of flowers to open my own digital flower shop.

The one shop no one can escape, the famous gold chocolate shop.

We had ten days to visit Nice, Juan-les-Pins, Antibes, Cannes and Monte Carlo. This was one wild photo shoot.


After our two-day vacation in Nice we drove to Juan-les-Pins the French Riviera resort on the Côte d'Azur. This village is the glitzy, modern seaside part of Antibes-Juan-les-Pins. Antibes and Juan-les-Pins are on either side of the Cap d'Antibes, an area of rich private villas and gardens filled with the sweet smells of Provence.

It is here that Cindy and I started working on our photo shoot with the sparkling Mediterranean as our back drop.

The highlight of our trip was Cannes.

Cannes is a resort town on the French Riviera famous for its international film festival which was on during our visit. I expected to see thousands of gorgeous models parading along the Boulevard de la Croisette but they must have been on vacation somewhere else in the world. Cindy caused quite a stir as we checked out the port and the rows of multi million dollar yachts. At one point I managed to get us up close and personal to a row of amazing yachts. I was trying to position Cindy in front of one of the luxurious yachts when I noticed a red sports car driving towards her. He stopped about 12 feet behind her and I thought this makes for a great shot if I can get her to back up closer to the car. The driver was watching Cindy, Cindy was watching me and I was watching the driver. Voila ! It worked. Cindy backed up right into the driver of the car who immediately took her hand and introduced himself and his yacht. Needless to say we got some great photos on the yacht and the rest is history.

Cindy had her French prince and I had a brilliant cache of photos.

Two days in Monaco, Monte Carlo.

 One day was for sight seeing with our new French friend Michel, and one for work. On our work day I packed four dresses in my shoulder bag and Cindy packed a pair of walking shoes. Monaco is very hilly and a bit tricky in 4" heels. We walked all over Monaco and met some lovely people along the way. Cindy was a sensation everywhere we went, and at one point we had to give one of her new fans the slip. The Formula One Grand Prix was being setup so there were a lot of tourists in town along with even more exotic cars than usual which added to the magic of Monaco. Cindy is a great sport and never hesitated to jump behind garden walls and hedges to change from one BBC dress to another. In fact she is faster than Superman.

 The Casino de Monte Carlo made world famous by James Bond is even more famous now. We caused a minor sensation with over a dozen people taking photos of Cindy as I was photographing her on the steps. 

Our sight seeing day was great because we had a real French man to guide us. Michel was not just an ordinary French man, he came with connections which meant we could drive right up to the Prince's Palace and setup anywhere we liked. Below there is even a photograph of yours-truly. There is a funny story behind the photos of Cindy with the Ferrari. I was trying to setup a photo of her standing in front of the Ferrari when this elderly slightly scruffy guy walked up to her and indicated that she should sit in the car. Cindy was horrified because she didn't speak French and she was concerned that the guy may have been a vagrant. I was equally worried until a young woman came up to me and explained to me in very good English that the guy was the owner of the Ferrari. Immediately I gave Cindy the green light and we got some very cool shots. The Ferrari owner was delighted and via his interpreter, we found out that he had fallen in love with Cindy and wanted to take her back to his villa in Italy.
If you're in Juan (as everyone calls it), you're a hop, skip and a jump away from Antibes.

Antibes is a proper working town that keeps going all year round. It is a myriad of cobble stone streets where every second store is devoted to the delights of wining and dining. It also has a citadel, and the most wonderful albeit busy covered market. It is here that we took a few hours out to barter with the locals and enjoy locally produced ice cream. On our way back to the car, which I managed to park with only 8” between the front and rear of the car in front and at the rear, we stopped to listen to an outdoor rock band and photograph the superb marina of million-dollar yachts.

Our Riviera photo shoot was a trip of a lifetime until next time. Join us and step into the sunshine.